Camagüey, Cuba

Santa Ifigenia: sacred shrine of the Homeland

Santiago de Cuba has a large number of museums and sites to get closer to history and its protagonists; spaces that take us to a glorious past and call for reflection on who we are today. But it is perhaps the Santa Ifigenia cemetery, founded in 1868 and considered an open-air museum, one of the most valuable, because it contains the remains of worthy men and women.

October 10, 2017 was a unique date in the Santiago necropolis, as the central heritage area where the Mausoleum with the remains of the National Hero José Martí, the pantheon to the martyrs of the Moncada and the monolith that guards Fidel´s ashes, the remains of the Founding Father, Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, and the Mother of all Cubans, Mariana Grajales, joined.

This is a pilgrimage site for all Cubans and dozens of people from all over the world who come here to pay honor and tribute. (Text and Photos: César Alejandro Moreno Lezcano / Radio Camagüey)

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