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Federation of Cuban Women, solid and invincible organization at the service of the Revolution

This August 23, when another anniversary of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) is celebrated, there is no greater rejoicing than the recognition of the women for their work, especially in these times of pandemic.

And it is that, both Fidel and Vilma, with their long projection gaze, decided in 1960 to found a female organization where unity prevailed, regardless of color, social position, or ideology, the important thing was to create a solid and impregnable group to confront any situation that arises.

In this way, they managed to place Cuban women in the place that corresponds to them in the development of the nation, with a decisive role.

Since the triumph of the Revolution, women have had the possibility of overcoming their academic and cultural level, and becoming great professionals, which allows the female presence to predominate in the technical-labor force today; showing the world that on this island everyone has the same rights. 

In this sense, the FMC promotes initiatives to stimulate the federated outstanding in their work, and likewise, each center exhibits its satisfactory results, for which they are accredited the status of the 60th Anniversary collective of that organization.    

Cuban women are also present in President Díaz-Canel's call to support food production and import substitution, by joining the movement of Urban, Suburban and Family Agriculture and in many other strategic tasks that they assume in these moments, when the US blockade  intensifies. (Leidy Quintairos Molina / Radio Cadena Agramonte) (Photos: Humberto Cid González) 

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