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Cuban boxers prepare for Tokyo 2021 in Camagüey

Camagüey welcomes athletes from the Olympic Boxing preselection, who are preparing first for the Playa Girón Tournament, from which the national team that will represent the country in the Tokyo 2021 Olympics will derive.

In the first weeks of training, the physical capacity of the boxers was satisfactorily evaluated. With more than six months of confinement as a result of the pandemic that is currently affecting humanity, the greatest concern of athletes was losing their physical shape.

However, in the words of technical director Roberto Acebal: "they have assimilated the training very well, which shows that they complied with the instructions that were given to them during quarantine."   

Compliance with the hygienic-sanitary measures directed by the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) is part of the team's priorities, in order to guarantee the safety of the boxers. Among these precautions are the disinfection of gloves and punching bags with alcoholic solution, the correct use of the mask, except at the time of training, and straight blows in pair work, avoiding hand-to-hand combat to respect the measures of social distancing. Meanwhile, at the Hotel Isla de Cuba, the facility where they are staying, they are prevented from leaving unnecessarily and visiting family and friends.

Covid-19 has transformed the way we live, and this year, the long-awaited Olympics could not happen due to the spread of the disease. Despite the fact that Cuba has the goal that its athletes enhance the country with gold medals, so is its security, so hygienic measures that prevent contagion must be followed at all times. (Idaylén Rodríguez / Student of Journalism) (Photos: Humberto Cid) 


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