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In touch with the people

The government program Somos Continuidad arrived this Sunday in Los Pilones, a rural community of Sierra de Cubitas, in Camagüey. Located about 30 kilometers from the municipal seat, the town maintains agriculture as its main source of income, as well as a point of sale for Commerce and Gastronomy. The highest authorities of the province arrived there to dialogue with the residents about the most pressing issues for that territory.

The repair of the main road that leads to the community, the water supply, the waterproofing of houses, the need for a telephone in the Family Doctor's Office, and the confrontation with the social indiscipline that arises in the neighborhood, they highlighted among the topics debated in the people-government meeting.

After the dialogue, as usual, a trade fair was held for the sale of basic items and food. (RCA digital writing) (Photos: María del Carmen Castañeda Varona)

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