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Med students contribute to saving lives

Cuba is one of the few countries where active research efforts, from the primary level of care, have contributed to controlling and reducing the impact of epidemiological events of any kind.

Among the challenges and problems of active research, the availability of human resources that are needed to be able to develop the monitoring program efficiently stands out; for this, the preparation of the personnel involved in the process is essential.

Students from all medical sciences careers in the country are actively participating today in health investigations at home, together with the comprehensive plan designed to stop the advance of COVID-19.

This young army in white coats, with its daily work, exalts the humanist and solidarity vocation of the Revolution. They are standard bearers of love and hope in times when solidarity and internationalism must be the only possible ways to face this pandemic. (With information taken from: Magazine “Medicentro Electrónica”, vol.24 no.3, Santa Clara July-September. 2020 Epub 01-Jul-2020) (Photo: Humberto Cid / Cadena Agramonte)   


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