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Camagüeyanos, once again we stand for our country.

Local workers show their support,from home and in the workplace,to the agreements of the 8th Congress, to the Victory of Playa Girón and those who direct the continuity of the Revolution.

In order to celebrate the date in Camagüey, labor institutions of the territory are adorned with flags, banners and other allegorical signsof the date.

As an example of the continuity of the Revolution, the newest generation of workers summoned by the Union of Young Communists in the province, salute May Day bin their workplaces.

In this hour of recounting the labor successes, the workers from Camaguey support the sanitary tasks while expressing their rejection of the intensified US blockade, without abandoning the course of the economic transformations.

In a special way this May Day, tribute is paid to Cuban health workers and scientists, giants in the challenges they face in the province and outside the border.

As a consequence of the critical world economic situation, the Camagüey proletariat is setting new and ambitious productive goals on different productive fronts, socially and in the provision of services for the people.

On this day of the world proletariat, the Camagüey labor movement stands in solidarity with the workers of the world in their struggle to conquer their labor rights.

Like every May Day, a tribute of remembrance is paid to the Commander in Chief of the Revolution, Fidel Castro, the National Hero José Martí and the captain of the Cuban working class Lázaro Peña.

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