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Abdala immunizes and strengthens Camagüey

By Luis Cadir Machín Cuadrado / Radio Cadena Agramonte

More than 37 thousand people from Camagüey have already received the first dose of the anti-COVID-19 vaccine candidate Abdala, as part of the health intervention developed in risk groups.

The immunization process carried out in 44 sites in the 13 municipalities has included in this stage as a priority health workers and students over 19 years of age.

Other work sectors immunized in this period include professionals and employees of the press union in the province, who daily cover various events aimed at confronting the pandemic.

Other employees treated with the drug are those in tourism, mainly those who work in facilities that provide services such as isolation centers.

The vaccine from the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology of Havana will reach other citizens of Cmaguey in the coming days, when the first phase of the administration scheme concludes.

The rest of the population in the province is expected to start receiving a first dose in June by age groups, the first beneficiaries are people between 60 and 69 years old, with around 80 daily patients in the family doctor's offices. (Photos: Humberto Cid / Cadena Agramonte) 


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