Camagüey returns to normal without neglecting COVID-19 control

Camagüey, like all of Cuba, gradually returns to normality. COVID-19 disappears due to the high efficacy of our immunogens, mention Abdala, Soberana 02 and Soberana PLUS. This deadly virus is also reduced by the discipline of the population, with a view to strict compliance with biosafety regulations.

This month, several reports from the Ministry of Public Health reflected that Camagüey sometimes fell below 100 confirmed cases of Sars-Cov-2, which also shows a great effort to eradicate the new coronavirus once and for all.          

Some media and enemies of the Revolution question and manipulate the scientific results regarding our biotechnological sovereignty, but what there is NO doubt about is that the immunization process unfolding in Cuba is a true strength.

In 2021 the entire Cuban population will be vaccinated, and the official media already announce that after this important process, a booster dose of Abdala or Soberana Plus will be applied, in order to raise the level of antibodies, in the face of the dangerous emergence of more transmissible genetic variants of COVID-19.                   

It is therefore urgent, faced with the progressive improvement of the epidemiological panorama in the province of Agramontina, to improve the working methods of Public Health for the diligent implementation of immunization plans, redouble hygienic-sanitary measures, guarantee physical distancing, as well as assist the vaccinations to receive the doses that complete the protection scheme.



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