Camagüey Zoo, healthy recreation

Camagüey Zoo, a place of healthy recreation

The exhibition of representative species of flora and fauna, together with hard work to promote education committed to caring for the environment, represents the work of the Camagüey Zoo Complex.

Carnivores, rodents, reptiles and birds make up the nearly 400 species of high faunal value, which due to their wide diversity, and their endemic and wild status, can be appreciated by the public in an environment very close to their natural environment.

In the midst of the epidemiological situation that the country is going through, the Zoo's workers ensure sustainability actions to preserve the correct environmental status of the premises. 

The facility located in the vicinity of the Hatibonico river and the Juan del Toro stream in the largest urban park in Cuba, the Casino Campestre, is one of the preferred spaces for healthy recreation by visitors, locals and foreigners.

Text: Gladys Dailyn Morera Cordero Photos: Humberto Cid


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