Cuba, José Martí

José Martí and his everlasting presence

By Maykel Torres La Rosa/Radio Cadena Agramonte

169 years after the birth of José Martí, the people of Camaguey pays homage to the one who taught us that Homeland is Humanity, and we feel the presence of the Apostle of independence as a living force.

The National Hero of Cuba developed a revolutionary work full of human and patriotic values and his anti-imperialist, pro-independence and Latin Americanist principles guide the actions of Cubans every day, as well as the ideological battle waged by the people against the economic blockade, the smear campaigns and the unconventional war applied by the United States government against the island.

These images serve to honor the most universal of those born in the largest of the Antilles, the immense man that José Martí will always be. ( Photos : Humberto Cid/Radio Cadena Agramonte)

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