José Martí, Fidel, Eternal Tribute to José Martí and Fidel

Eternal tribute to José Martí and Fidel on Press Day.

"I see the press playing a very important role in raising morale and in preserving all the sacred values of our people, in denouncing, in combat, in the fight against all things wrongly done (...) Who can educate more than the press”.

Fidel Castro.

“I believe that the press (…) has the primary mission of defending the Revolution. To defend the Revolution is to defend socialism. When we talk about this Revolution, I cannot conceive of it as separate from socialism, they are inseparable”.

Fidel Castro.

"The newspaper must always be like the old couriers, with the horse harnessed, the whip in hand and the spur on the heel."
José Martí

“I see the press as a force, a formidable instrument of the Revolution. I see it as Radio Rebelde, in the Sierra Maestra, because we are living in times that are no easier than those in the Sierra Maestra; we are living in more complex times than those we lived in at that time.”
Fidel Castro.

"Glory and triumph are nothing more than a stimulus to the fulfillment of duty."
José Martí.







(Photos: Humberto Cid/Radio Cadena Agramonte and Archive)

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