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A couple discovers they have triplets 20 years after donating embryos

A couple from the state of Texas (USA) discovered that they are parents of triplets, 20 years after donating frozen embryos.

Brooke and Chris Martin, in an interview with Fox News, said that when they were just over 20 they faced fertility problems and resorted to in vitro fertilization to have a child. Thanks to that, some time later they had twins.

However, they still had eight frozen embryos and had to decide what to do with them: use them, let them thaw, donate them to science or return them to the fertility clinic. Finally, they opted for the last alternative because they believed it was the right thing to do.

20 years later, a family member informed them that a young man had contacted him and said, "Hey, I’m in your family tree. I don’t know if you know anyone in your family who has donated embryos or just given away children".

The couple immediately looked for the boy, named Thomas, on social media. " I saw his picture and my husband and I burst into tears and said that was our son. No doubt, he looked like our children," Brooke said. However, at that time they discovered that the boy was triplet, which meant that they had three biological children they did not know.

The triplets, two boys and an 18-year-old girl, grew up with their adoptive parents, who told them about the adoption of embryos. (Text and photo: RT)

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