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Chilean president calls to remove Cuba from the list of sponsors of terrorism

United Nations, September 21.- Chilean President Gabriel Boric called at the UN on the United States to remove Cuba from the list of countries supposedly sponsoring terrorism and to lift unilateral sanctions against that nation.

Declaring Cuba as a country that promotes terrorism is not only false, but it violates us, declared the president when speaking at the 78th session of the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization.

Boric urged Washington to adopt the line followed at the time by President Barack Obama's government when it removed Cuba from that infamous list, which has been repeated for three years and does so much damage to a people who do not deserve it, he said.

The president also rejected the unilateral measures imposed for a long time against the Caribbean country.

After pointing out that any solution to the problems involves a multilateral dialogue, he also considered it imperative to lift the sanctions against Venezuela, which - he expressed - do not contribute to improving the living conditions of the population.

The president used his speech to condemn the illegal Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories and the installation of a wall that divides its inhabitants.

Boric recognized the right of the States of Israel and Palestine to coexist and demanded from this rostrum respect for international standards.

The Chilean president also condemned what he described as Russia's illegal invasion of Ukraine and affirmed that peace depends on respect for the territorial integrity of nations. (Text and photo: PL)

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