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New species of electric blue tarantula discovered (+ Photos)

Entomologists in Thailand discovered a new species of electric blue tarantula in the south of the country, which they called an enchanting phenomenon.

The spider, discovered in a mangrove forest in Phang-Nga province, is a Chilobrachys natanicharum and has a blue-violet hue that resembles the color of electrical sparks, according to the article published in ZooKeys by scientists from the Museum of Entomology in Khon Kaen University and the National Science Museum.

The researchers maintain that the animal's blue coloration is a fascinating and relatively rare case in the natural world, which is due to the presence of nanocrystals rather than pigments in the body.

Females and young males have more violet hair than metallic blue, while, on the contrary, blue predominates in adult males, although it is less intense, indicates CBS News.

The name of the newly discovered arthropod was chosen through a national auction and is named after executives at Nichada Properties Co. Ltd., a company in the real estate sector, according to the outlet.

This species had only been seen in a commercial tarantula market and it was unknown where they lived. Scientists now suggest that they live in the hollows of trees in the forests of southern Thailand.

The destruction of natural habitats and the hunting of tarantulas have had a devastating impact on arachnid populations in this Southeast Asian country, which is why all species have been classified as controlled wildlife by the Thai Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the researchers specify in the article. However, they also assert that it is essential to take measures to protect future generations. (Text and photos: RT)

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