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Experiences and opportunities in Brazil-Cuba business forum

Brasilia, Sep 29.- As part of the revival of relations that are currently underway, the Federation of Industries of the state of Sao Paulo (Fiesp) hosted the Brazil-Cuba Business Forum for two days.

At the event, experiences of Cuban and Brazilian companies with successful results were shown, which opened horizons for future relationships.

A business round was also held at the Fiesp headquarters between numerous interested companies from both countries.

Regarding the meeting and objectives, the president of the Cuban Chamber of Commerce, Antonio Luis Carricarte, declared to the Brasil de Fato portal that, for any analysis, the transformations that occur on the island must be taken into account.

He explained that his country is currently beginning a recovery based on tourism and measures adopted, including a national development plan with priorities that, in our opinion, constitute preferences for Brazilian businessmen.

For example, he noted, it is necessary to increase food production in Cuba and Brazil has potential by providing raw materials, equipment, products, parts, technology for agriculture to increase food production in the Caribbean nation.

According to Carricarte, we are bringing these opportunities to the Brazilian business community so that they can be linked to this Cuban development program. Today, Brazilian participation is, let's say, modest, but Brazil has the capacity to supply corn, soybeans and other products, he listed.

He also mentioned renewable energies and indicated that in Cuba there is a relatively low percentage of participation in this sector, around five percent and it is expected to rise to 30 in 2030. Brazil has the potential to participate, he assured.

He acknowledged that Brazilian tourism after the COVID-19 pandemic is growing and this is not the case on the island.

It was discussed with the airlines, with the airports, to seek a direct connection that would increase tourism in Brazil, and not only sun and beach tourism, but also health and well-being, he said.

Regarding this type of forum, Carricarte alluded that it was also held in Sao Paulo in 2002. A long time ago. Conditions changed in Cuba and Brazil.

He insisted that "we have an opportune moment because in Cuba there is an update of the economic model, there are variations that it is important for Brazilian businessmen to know.

He confirmed that there is an emerging private sector on the island, that in three years of establishment there are already more than nine thousand private companies, with the capacity to import and export, and their own financing, and they are purchasing many products. And Brazil could be an important market, and that reality we wanted to convey in the forum.

As part of the visit, an agreement was signed between the Chambers of Commerce of Cuba and Brazil, and between the Cuban Medical Services Company and the Single Federation of Oil Tankers.

A Cuban delegation of 27 members and approximately more than 50 Brazilian companies and personalities participated in the event.

According to data from the Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services, in 2022, Brazil exported 290 million dollars to Cuba and the main products were vegetable fats and oils (33 percent), rice (17) and poultry meat (13).

In the same period, imports were 2.67 million dollars, highlighting cigars, cigarettes and tobacco products (84 percent) and alcoholic beverages (nine). (Text and photo: PL)

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