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High season of tourism in Cuba reports an increase in visitors to Camagüey (+ Audio)

Camagüey, Nov 23.- The high season of international tourism, which began in the current month of November in Cuba, reports an increase in the arrival of visitors to Camagüey, with attractive products that include the city and sun and beach modalities, fundamentally.

Yunesky Cantelli González, delegate of the Minister of Tourism in the province of Camagüey, confirmed the increase in the presence of several markets, especially from countries such as Russia, Canada, France, Italy and Spain, from destinations such as Cayo Coco, Holguín and Trinidad.

The improvement of infrastructure is an essential factor for the success of the winter stage, and in this sense the remodeling of facilities on Santa Lucía beach stands out, based on the operation with the Blue Diamond chain and the Russian market.

Although the City of Earthenware Jars, close to the 510th anniversary of the founding of the former princely town, attracts the attention of vacationers, other proposals are being prepared to promote rural and agroecological tourism, as part of the sector's strategic lines.

Alliances with the non-state sector, specifically rental houses and paladares, and with companies in the territory such as Ciudad Santa María Tourism, stand out among the strengths of the so-called smokeless industry, also leading in the implementation of payment operations. electronic.

Camagüey has a tourist infrastructure that exceeds three thousand rooms, most of them in Cayo Cruz, and currently the more than three thousand workers in the sector throughout the Camagüey geography are committed to achieving success in the current high season or winter, which already reports an increase in the arrival of visitors. (Juan Mendoza Medina/ Radio Cadena Agramonte) (Photo: Camagüey Travel Facebook Page)

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