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Argentine communists warn of an extremely serious scenario in the country

Buenos Aires, Nov 23.- The Communist Party of Argentina (PCA) warned today about the beginning of an extremely serious scenario for this country and the region after the victory of La Libertad Avanza (LLA) in the general elections.

The announced measures leave no doubt that we are facing a process of adjustment, looting and repression. Privatizations, with Fiscal Oil Fields and the media to begin with, devaluation, elimination of public works, attacks on the pension system and job insecurity are just a sample of this, says a statement from that organization.

In addition, it denounces attacks registered in several premises of political groups and threats received by representatives of the popular field in recent days, which the PCA attributes to the violence promoted by LLA, the elected president Javier Milei and his ally, the former president Mauricio Macri.

To confront the next government, a strong party will be necessary that promotes and actively participates in the construction of unity against a neoliberal, conservative, pro-imperialist, neo-fascist and explicitly anti-communist project, the document states.

Likewise, it advocates the construction of programmatic and organizational agreements that allow not only to resist and defend the conquests and rights of the people, but also to quickly go on the political offensive.

This is not the first time we have faced these threats and managed to overcome these tests. We will continue to build popular power and organization for the struggle. The communists will be, as always, in the front row, raising our flags high, the text indicates. (PL) (Photo: PL/Archive)

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