Camagüey, Cuba, sugar cane harvest

Camagüey prepares the sugar cane harvest

Camagüey, Nov 28.- The Camagüey territory is preparing for the next sugar harvest with the purpose of manufacturing more than 33 thousand metric tons of crude oil, an objective on which the sector will focus given the high demand for that product in the population.

After delays last September in the repairs of the mills, the work is currently progressing at 96 percent, said Lázaro Álvarez Padilla, director of Coordination and Technical Supervision of the AzCuba Sugar Group in the province.

The campaign will begin on December 20 at the Carlos Manuel de Céspedes plant, in the municipality of the same name; On the 22nd, Siboney will join, in Sibanicú; and on the 26th the Battle of Las Guásimas, in Vertientes, although depending on the conditions the starts could be brought forward.

Avoiding delays in the agreed start dates and compliance with the small harvest - which ends on December 31 - constitute work premises for the first days of the contest, to which is added the daily completion of the cutting and grinding tasks. .

When evaluating the preparations, the member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and first secretary in Camagüey, Federico Hernández Hernández, commented that it is a moral commitment to materialize what was agreed upon, for which he called for the contribution of all the people and recognized the good spirit and desires to do in the agro-sugar collectives.

Obtaining derivatives is also a premise in the work of the union in Camagüey, which also has the responsibility of carrying out what is planned for the planting of sugarcane before the end of the current calendar, as a guarantee of raw materials for years to come. (Juan Mendoza Medina/ Radio Cadena Agramonte) (Photo: Adelante/ Archive)

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