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Popular Savings Bank in Camagüey accompanies socioeconomic objectives of the nation

Camagüey, February 19.- The Popular Savings Bank (BPA in Spanish) in Camagüey defines various work priorities focused on business, personal and electronic banking, in addition to other fronts that affect the quality of services.

Dania Vega, provincial deputy director of that entity, explained that among the objectives for the current year are financing food production, import substitution, local development and the promotion of exports.

Regarding electronic banking, one of the greatest dissatisfactions is the inadequate level of efficiency and dispensing in the operation of ATMs, so reversing this situation is essential, the board of directors noted at the recent BPA annual balance sheet meeting in the Camagüey territory.

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Added to this is the promotion of the use of electronic payment channels that decentralize customer service within the branches, the growth of extra cash operations and the delivery of magnetic cards, including the possibility of this do at home.

Compliance with the deadlines established in the new banking policy, the effective payment of retirees and pensioners, the increase in financial management, the preparation and training of workers and the application of science and innovation in banking processes are included, Likewise, among the union's projections.

The consolidation of electronic banking, advancing attention to new economic actors and priority areas for the country, such as food production, constitute goals of Popular Savings Bank in Camagüey for the current calendar. (Juan Mendoza Medina/ Radio Cadena Agramonte) (Photo: Bpa Camagüey Facebook Page)

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