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Many potentials in agriculture yet to be exploited.

Havana, February 20.- Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and President of the Republic, affirmed today that there are many potentials in the agricultural system to achieve more food. on the Cuban table, even at low prices.

Díaz-Canel participated in the working meeting of that strategic sector in which, together with Manuel Marrero Cruz, member of the Political Bureau and Prime Minister, he strongly criticized the main distortions that urgently need to be corrected, which have a lot to do with the role of the directives and the prominence of the municipalities.

He alluded to the recent call of Army General Raúl Castro when he asked the cadres at all levels to fight in order to transform the current economic and social situation of the country, with greater consecration and demand, and no longer be naive or triumphalist.

He stated that food production continues to be the main priority of Cuban agriculture, of which he said there is potential in its people, in the application of science and technology, but its results, its plans are very far from what the people and the nation.

The interventions of the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Party were based on the analysis of the main problems surrounding production, especially non-compliance with the deliveries of milk and beef, contracts with the productive bases and producers, and with the use and possession of land in usufruct and livestock.

Regarding the transition of a group of companies from the Ministry of Agriculture to be directed by local governments, he pointed out the importance of each municipality being able to be self-sufficient and that a significant part of the food in the regulated family basket comes from them.

Strong statements also from Salvador Valdés Mesa, member of the Political Bureau and Vice President of the country, and Jorge Luis Tapia Fonseca, vice prime minister, revolved around the need to review the organizational structures of that group, hiring, combating theft and livestock slaughter and production plans.

Ydael Pérez Brito, head of the sector, in addition to recognizing how far the organization is from solving these and other tasks, mentioned among his projections for 2024 the increase in production, financial management, control over the use and exploitation of land, efficient management of the workforce and consolidating the work with the cadres.

When reflecting on the insufficiencies and challenges of Cuban agriculture, the Prime Minister stated that this Ministry is called to exercise its state functions with authority since violations, cases of corruption and lack of control in strategic tasks such as the delivery of land and of livestock in usufruct.

In this sense, he indicated restoring legality and not allowing those who benefited from these State resources to misuse them and feel absolute owners, since they were offered to, above all, produce food for the people.

According to Manuel Marrero Cruz, another of the corrections has to do with the implementation of the Law on Food Sovereignty and Food and Nutritional Security, the results of which are not yet evident and must involve several organizations and institutions.

He also expressed the need to conceive an organic urban planter for each Popular Council, in the heat of promoting Urban, Suburban and Family Agriculture, when many municipalities still barely have any.

He called for a review of everything related to possible distortions in hiring, exports and foreign investments as sources of foreign exchange earnings, in the application of science and technology, and in attention to producers, to productive bases, to the mountains and rurality. (Text and photo: ACN)

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