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University of Camagüey protagonist in Ibero-American postgraduate assembly


Camagüey, May 16.- The University of Camagüey today enhances the prestige of Cuban education with its presence in the activities prior to the General Assembly of the Ibero-American Postgraduate University Association (AUIP).

According to the official Facebook site of the institution, “rectors and directors of the universities that belong to the AUIP” participate in the activities.

The note also includes that "the institution participates in the I Ibero-American Meeting of University Heritage, based in the city of Seville, Spain."

For the opening day on European soil, the rector of the institution, Santiago Lajes Choy, made a presentation at that workshop.

It was titled Experiences and Projects, in which it addressed the work that the Antillean university is carrying out together with the institutions that manage the conservation of the heritage of the princely city, as the city of Cuba is also known.

Immediately afterwards, the director “presented audiovisual material that includes part of the main heritage values ??of Camagüey.”

Among the specialists who were in charge of the presentation were the renowned researchers Lourdes Gómez Consuegra, Mabel Chaos Yera and Adela García Yero.

For the first academic institution of its kind founded by the Cuban Revolution, participating in this type of event is crucial in the objective of publicizing the country's enormous potential for tourism.

A total of 46 accreditable programs, 24 of Excellence, 17 certificates, and five qualified by the National Accreditation Board endorse the center, which also has two Doctorate programs and one Master's program evaluated internationally by the AUIP, Ibero-American University Postgraduate Association. (Text and photo: PL)

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