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Camagüey, illegalities, social indiscipline, garbage dumping

Illegalities and social indiscipline proliferate in Camagüey

Camagüey, June 10 - A high rate of illegalities and social indiscipline with a generalized character is registered in this municipality of Camagüey in the past months of the present calendar.

Among them are recognized people who carry out trades or activities on their own without permission, sale of products of dubious origin and construction of illegal houses in unauthorized places.

Likewise, there are reports of state premises being illegally occupied without the action of the affected entities or of the commission in charge of dealing with these disobediences so that order may be reestablished.

Likewise, there are violations of the agreed prices of agricultural products and private and state transportation, evasion of tax payments and other duties by persons who are obliged to do so.

In the city of Camagüey, garbage is also dumped in inappropriate places with the creation of micro dumps, loud music at any time and absenteeism and late arrivals of students to schools. (Radio Camagüey) (Photo: Internet)

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