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Reasons to celebrate on the new anniversary of the Cuban Revolution

2019 constituted a year in which the people of Camagüey enjoyed the reopening of several works of social impact and in pursuit of the economic development of the region.

During the last twelve months, the citizens of the provincial capital have witnessed and benefited from the advantages of the different institutions, entities and units of commerce and gastronomy that have taken a positive turn in the image and quality of services.

Which, in turn, results in an opportunity to start a new period full of challenges.

This is proof that, although the economic and financial situation for Cuba is complex due to the resurgence of the US blockade, nothing and no one will snatch the dreams and joys of a people that is the protagonist of more than six decades of victories.

In this Island that is characterized by solidarity, resistance and altruism, there are more than enough reasons to celebrate with joy the anniversary of the Cuban Revolution and the advent of 2020. (Digital Writing of Radio Cadena Agramonte) (Photos: Humberto Cid González)


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