Camagüey, Cuba, Photoreport, Union of Journalists of Cuba, Day for the Cuban Press Day

A press conference to defend the Cuban Revolution

During these days, the Cuban Press Conference is taking place in the province of Camagüey, a space in which each base delegation of the Union of Journalists of Cuba (Upec) stars in debates to create attractive content that allows multiplying the truth of the Revolution in the world.

In this way, journalists implement initiatives that make their way amid media manipulation and the cultural war against Cuba, and that rely on the technological tools available, and editorial actions to conquer spaces such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, among other social networks.

Although much remains to be done, steps are being taken to implement the scientific results of research on each media, the content preferred by audiences is evaluated, and contact with new generations is strengthened.

Even with the constant updating required by new information and communication technologies, the press workers in Camagüey keep alive the legacy of important figures such as Juan Gualberto Gómez and José Martí, thinkers and defenders of Cuba and its independence.

Every March 14 the Cuban Press Day will be celebrated in commemoration of the founding of the newspaper Patria, which constitutes a paradigm of what a revolutionary publication should be. (Text: Maykel Torres La Rosa / Radio Cadena Agramonte) (Photos: Humberto Cid González, Maykel Torres La Rosa and Alex López Almaguer / Radio Cadena Agramonte)



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