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Cuban culture, a mix of everything

Built in more than five centuries, with the native, Spanish, African, Asian or European contribution, Cuban culture is the sum and synthesis of multi-ethnic legacies that make it a very special composition.

The National Poet, Nicolás Guillén, thus consecrated it when he expressed in his verses "all mixed", and here, in his hometown of Camagüey, peculiarities that date back to ancestral times particularize the local idiosyncrasy, in what academics and researchers call "Camagüeyanidad".

He emblazoned this singular hybrid, a rich tangible and intangible heritage evident in the oldest area of ??the former princely town, whose architectural framework is homogeneously connected with contemporaneity, merging the city past, present and future, an objective in which citizen behavior is essential. For more than half a millennium, the children of this land left, from their sensitivity, traces of their circumstances in literature, theater, oral tradition, plastic arts, dance, music, architecture and crafts, among others. demonstrations.

Enriched in a special way in the last six decades, groups and individuals from Agramón pay tribute to the wealth of that culture, which not only defines this people as Cubans, but also prints that unique seal that makes them proud and distinguishes as an indissoluble part of the Island. (Rosa María Moros Fernández / Radio Cadena Agramonte) (Photos: Humberto Cid González)

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