Camagüey, vaccine candidate Abdala, COVID-19

Camagüey vaccinates its population with Abdala

The application of the Cuban vaccine candidate Abdala is developed according to what is planned in the health areas of the provincial capital, begining with people over 60 years old, following to the 59 to 40 age group, and finally addressing the 39 to 19 age segment.

Developed by the Center for Engineering and Biotechnology of Cuba, it showed an efficacy of 92.2% in three doses during the third phase of trials.

Abdala is one of the five formulas against COVID-19 that are being developed on the island.

At this time in the country, the health intervention process is being carried out in risk groups and territories, authorized by the Minister of Public Health based on the epidemiological situation and available technology. (Photos: Humberto Cid González / Radio Cadena Agramonte.)

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