Camaguey, classrooms

Joy in local classrooms

5,800 students from the terminal degrees of pre-university, polytechnic and pedagogical education are back in 42 schools in Camagüey.

In January of this year, the classrooms closed, and nine months later, and after completing the cycle of the three doses of the Cuban vaccine Abdala, the young people resume the presence of the classes.

For mothers and students, this day is one of rejoicing.

On behalf of the families, Yanet Cornell Morales, thanks “the Cuban State, the scientists who today give us the possibility that our children are vaccinated, the Health personnel, and the teachers and professors, who did not neglect the attention to the students". 

For the young Álida Martí Hernández, "the joy of meeting again in the classrooms is great, and we are very grateful for the Revolution."  

For teachers and workers these nine months of school closings did not mean a break; Many of them, recognized today in Camagüey by the provincial directorates of Education and the Union of Education, Sciences and Sports (SNTECD), supported the work in Isolation Centers, as messengers and in the investigation in the community; and in addition, they maintained the attention to the students in their homes. (Text and photos: Miozotis Fabelo Pinares / Radio Rebelde correspondent in Camagüey)  

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