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Haitian police took down two alleged gang members

Port-au-Prince, September 27.- The Haitian Police killed alleged members of the Kraze Baryè gang led by Vitehomme Innocent that operates in this capital, the institution confirmed.

During a law enforcement operation, Jocelyn, known as Solo, and Ti Ponyèt, so called, were mortally wounded in exchanges of gunfire with officers the day before.

The Police also recovered two firearms, a Taurus pistol of the PT-92 and B 21045 series and a 38 caliber revolver, as well as other components of the devices.

The police intervention took place after several days of attacks by that gang in areas such as Torcel, Caradeux, Vivy Mitchel and Boulevard 15 de Octubre in Port-au-Prince.

At the beginning of this year, the authorities offered a reward of 10 million gourdes (a little more than $72,400) to anyone who provided information that would allow the capture of Vitelhomme, accused of kidnappings, murders and other crimes.

According to the notice from law enforcement, the leader of the criminal group based in Port-au-Prince must also answer for rape, armed robbery, plunder, attempted murder and destruction of property. (Text and photo: PL)

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