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Camagüey, La Nueva Esperanza school farm, vegetables, polyculture, root vegetables

La Nueva Esperanza farm: example of good practices and technological solutions

Camagüey, October 11.- The La Nueva Esperanza school farm, belonging to the prominent farmer Camilo Mendoza Caballero, was the first created of the 114 that make up the so-called green ring of the capital of Camagüey.

Associated with the Renato Guitar Rosell Credit and Services Cooperative (CCS), this small farmer was one of the first to begin polyculture in the territory, later spreading to other places.

Of the four hectares of surface that make up this possession, three are dedicated to the planting of various crops such as root vegetables and vegetables for the Collection Company, the market and Public Health institutions.

The other constitutes a forest of timber and fruit trees with more than 70 varieties such as oak, mahogany and acacia and other exotic ones, among which are the date, the gooseberry, the jaibolán and the yatová.

From its fruit plant nursery thousands of positions come out for the rest of the agricultural areas that were promoted around the city, other usufructs and neighboring properties.

Camilo Mendoza has working relationships with entities such as Soils, Plant Health, the Institute of Tropical Viands and the University of Camagüey, and on his farm La Nueva Esperanza scientific studies have been carried out, from which students are linked to carry out their pre-professional internships. . (Text and photo: Rodolfo Medina Hechavarría/Radio Camagüey)

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