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Ecuatorian elected President claims will rebuid the country

Quito, Oct 15.- The elected president of Ecuador, Daniel Noboa, declared today that he will work to rebuild a country hit by violence, corruption and hatred.

After learning the results of the National Electoral Council, which with more than 90 percent of the minutes scrutinized declared his victory irreversible, the next president said that starting tomorrow he would start working.

In a brief statement from his home in the coastal province of Santa Elena, he thanked God, his mother, his wife and those who were part of a project that he described as “new, young and improbable” aimed at restoring peace, education, health and employment for Ecuadorians.

Today we close a chapter of the campaign, tomorrow we start working for a new Ecuador, said the young man, who would take over the Government starting in December.

The current head of the Executive, Guillermo Lasso, announced that he is willing to begin the transition from next Tuesday.

The candidate for the Citizen Revolution, Luisa González, recognized the victory of her opponent in this runoff and offered him from the National Assembly (Parliament), where her political movement will have the largest bench, to support him as long as it is for the benefit of the citizens.

Noboa receives a nation mired in the worst security crisis in history and with problems in its economy, which will be difficult to solve in just a year and a half in office, according to experts.

However, in a recent interview with a local media, the newly elected president expressed his intentions to run again in 2025.

Analysts consider that although Noboa claims to be centrist, in practice he defends the interests of the right, neoliberalism and the business sector.

The next tenant of the Carondelet Palace is the son of one of the richest men in Ecuador, Álvaro Noboa, who tried unsuccessfully to become president of the Republic on five occasions. (PL) (Photo: EFE)

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