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Havana International Fair concludes more than 150 legal instruments

Havana, Nov 11.- More than 150 official and/or legal instruments between national and foreign companies were agreed during the XXXIX International Fair of Havana (FIHAV), whose closing and awarding of the best products and pavilions took place in the theater from Expocuba.

Ricardo Cabrisas, vice prime minister and head of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment (Mincex), pointed out that what happened this week has been a demonstration of our commitment to the development of the nation and the prosperity of the Cuban people, and of the commitment to the increase and diversification of exports of goods and services and foreign investment.

At the same time, it has been confirmed that Cuba is not alone; The presence of friends and strategic partners willing to get involved effectively in our National Economic and Social Development Plan 2030 has been notable, said the also president of the FIHAV 2023 Organizing Committee at the closing.

In the presence of Alejandro Gil, vice prime minister and head of Economy and Planning, and other leaders, representatives of the diplomatic corps and exhibitors, he said that the number of companies from Cuba and the world registered on this occasion exceeds that of the previous year.

This fair at a regional level, he noted, is a reflection of the continuous transformations carried out by the country in order to energize prioritized sectors such as agri-food, energy, light industry, construction, tourism, mining, information technology and telecommunications, among others.

The head of Mincex stressed that Cuba maintains its vision of promoting effective productive chains among its actors, and generating alliances that revolutionize local development at and towards the provincial and national levels.

Cabrisas highlighted that the presence for the first time of the 15 provinces and the special municipality of Isla de la Juventud has also made it possible to internationalize the potential that exists in the territories for trade, cooperation and foreign investment.

He said that on this occasion the assistance of Cubans residing abroad with an interest in promoting and contributing to the development of the homeland is once again relevant.

FIHAV 2023 has allowed us to meet again with old and new friends from 60 countries, and around 670 foreign companies accompanied us to talk about business and investments and seek new paths of joint development for Cuba, the Latin American and Caribbean region and for the world.

The results of that meeting are encouraging and optimistic and demonstrate the interest of the business community in many countries to continue betting on Cuba, he noted when reporting that more than 150 official and legal instruments were formalized.

Among these are 24 export contracts and 10 import contracts, 82 cooperation agreements and letters of intent that presuppose links between internal and foreign partners, 10 production or service contracts between different economic actors, four memorandums of understanding and three business deals. foreign investment.

He pointed out that the signing of agreements provides the basis for promoting new international economic associations, where the main countries involved are Spain, Italy, Venezuela, Portugal, Mexico, Germany, Russia, Brazil, Canada, Vietnam and Mozambique.

The vice prime minister stated that one year after celebrating the 40th anniversary of this commercial exchange, Expocuba continues to breathe a climate of hope, cooperation and fraternity, and mentioned as a novelty the inclusion of a forum for young entrepreneurs, which included the participation of representatives from more than 10 countries and regional youth organizations.

He announced that the next edition of FIHAV will be from November 5 to 9, 2O24, when it will celebrate its four decades. (ACN) (Photo: Taken from the Internet)

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