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Díaz-Canel and other leaders congratulate Cuban firefighters on their day (+ Post and Letter)

Havana, November 13.- Thank you for the dedication, courage and sacrifice at every exit, said today Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and president of the Republic, in a message on the occasion of Cuban Firefighter Day.

In the social network X, the Head of State sent them a hug on behalf of the Cuban people while stating that firefighters are an example for everyone.

Also in X, Manuel Marrero, Prime Minister, expressed his recognition to the members of the Cuban Fire Department and highlighted their dedication, commitment and bravery.

Likewise, Division General Lázaro Alberto Álvarez Casas, Minister of the Interior, today sent a letter of congratulations to the Fire Department, where he expressed that over more than three centuries they have filled the history of those who fight and prevent fires with glorious pages. , they help and protect, at the price of their own lives if necessary.

The letter, published on the website of the Ministry of the Interior, emphasizes that this 327th anniversary should serve as a well-deserved tribute to all those who dedicate their lives to such a noble mission, and especially to those who have fallen in the line of duty.

The date commemorates the creation of the first Corps of that specialty on the island, in 1696, while paying tribute to volunteer firefighters, who have saved lives for hundreds of years.

Among the functions of the Fire Department, the prevention and extinguishing of fires, and rescue and rescue actions stand out. (Text: ACN)(Photo: Archive/Radio Cadena Agramonte)

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