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Call to evaluate the application of experiences in the Cuban sugar sector

Havana, Nov 22.- The Association of Sugar Technicians of Cuba (ATAC) suggested to its provincial branches the evaluation and application of the practical experiences agreed upon in the VII meeting with its colleagues from Mexico (ATAM) on the diversification of the sugar agroindustry.

It is essential to put the scientific-technical potential that we have at the disposal of the sustainable development of sugarcane agriculture and seek solutions to the problems that cause the deterioration of sugarcane production and hinder the efficiency of its agriculture, the group proposes in its call.

The call is signed by Eduardo Lamadrid Martínez, president of the ATAC, who highlights the need to continue supporting the country's leadership and the AZCUBA Sugar Group, and the promotion of short-term technical and organizational actions to save Cuban sugar agriculture, in order to develop the modernization of an innovative, flexible and short-cycle industry.

Also the rescue of the technical sections of agriculture, industry and derivatives, with the active participation of the most experienced specialists and the promotion of agroecology, bio products, scientific-technical services, soil studies and other contributions from research institutes.

It insists on the promotion of collaboration projects, technical exchanges and its business system, cooperatives and sugarcane producers to advance the production of sugarcane, sugar, derivatives, food and energy.

The VII ATAC-ATAM Meeting met at the beginning of the month on the flexibility and diversification of the sugar agroindustry in their countries and also in Brazil, at the National Sugar Training Center, based on the consideration of common aspects of their respective managements, on all for a space for analysis, reflection and exchange of experiences.

The event was sponsored by the National Sugar Training Center, the National Sugar Cane Research Institute (INICA), and the Cuban Sugar Cane Derivatives Research Institute (ICIDCA), as well as the Economic Society of Friends of the Country. (SEAP) and the AZCUBA Sugar Group. (ACN) (Photo: PL)

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