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Vietnamese company will begin production of animal feed in Cuba (+ Photo)

Havana, Nov 23 - The Vietnamese capital company ViMariel SA, located in the Mariel Special Development Zone (ZED), is installing modern equipment at the Leopoldo Reyes feed factory in Artemisa, to begin in the next few years days the production of animal food.

According to local newspaper El Artemiseño, the project called AGRIVMA includes leasing of the area, weighing service for trucks, transportation, storage and conservation in a silo; and ViMariel SA adjusts the machinery for this Saturday, November 25, which will be the commissioning test.

The Vietnamese entity proposes to work for 24 hours, with an initial production capacity of 200 tons (t) of feed each day, said Michel Ravelo Herrera, director of the Basic Business Unit (UEB) located in the municipality of San Cristóbal.

He also specified that they have imported raw materials in warehouse such as rice bran, soybeans and other by-products, among these bactericides; Meanwhile, in the province of Mayabeque they have about 200 hectares of corn already planted as a guarantee not to stop in the production of feed, to begin in the coming days.

The AGRIVMA project will work in unison with the UEB Leopoldo Reyes, which in 2023 has a plan of 103,600 tons of feed, 89,200 for the state order, with imported raw materials, and 14,400 tons as alternative production, said Ravelo Herrera.

ViMariel SA is a subsidiary of the Vietnamese trading company Corporación Viglacera SA, and since 2018 it has been established as the first concessionaire of the ZED Mariel. (ACN) (Photos: El Artemiseño)

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