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Governor of Camagüey ratifies socioeconomic development objectives (+ Photo)

Camagüey, Nov 28.- The implementation of the province's development strategy, attention to fundamental basic services and the materialization of the measures approved to face the current socioeconomic situation of the country constitute work priorities in the Camagüey territory.

This was ratified by Governor Jorge Enrique Sutil Sarabia during his accountability before the Provincial Government Council of People's Power, an act provided for in Article 177 of the Constitution of the Republic of Cuba and which included the participation of Vice Prime Minister Jorge Luis Tapia. Fonseca.

In his presentation, the top Camagüey administrative leader referred to the work system he applies to seek greater support for municipal structures and entities.

Sutil Sarabia commented on the systematic analyzes to evaluate objectives of this central-eastern Cuban region related to food production, sugarcane recovery, indiscipline, illegalities and acts of corruption and economic indicators, among other reality issues. of the demarcation.

In their interventions, the members of the Provincial Government Council recognized in the Governor the seriousness, discipline, high sense of duty and commitment to the people and the Revolution, and there were exhortations aimed at deepening the bond of the Program Coordinators and Objectives with the base.

Among the recommendations contained in the accountability opinion, the need to improve actions to achieve better functioning of the personnel policy stands out, in addition to the imperative to increase control in the powers that correspond to it to combat abusive prices and demonstrations of illegalities.

Deputy Prime Minister Jorge Luis Tapia Fonseca emphasized the training and training of personnel as one of the key tasks for the Governor; as well as the satisfaction of the needs of the population, distant today in essential issues such as the supply of food and other essential products, so some of the main challenges lie in the transformation of results in the agricultural sector and the sugar harvest, he assured.

He ratified the potential of the administrative leader of the province to achieve progress in the economic and social spheres, and advocated consolidating ties with the Municipal Assembly of People's Power in the 13 provinces of Camagüey.

The accountability of Governor Jorge Enrique Sutil Sarabia before the Provincial Government Council of People's Power also included the participation of Walter Simón Noris, member of the Provincial Bureau of the Communist Party of Cuba; Vice Governor Yennis León Mayedo and leaders of entities and organizations. (Text and photos: Juan Mendoza Medina/Radio Cadena Agramonte)

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