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The economy, a prioritized objective in Camagüey

Camagüey, Nov 29.- The Camagüey territory maintains among its objectives the materialization of the Economy Plan, the execution of the budget and the transformation of negative economic results, said Governor Jorge Enrique Sutil Sarabia.

Before the Provincial Council during his rendering of accounts , he reported that of the universe of 110 companies, 44 operate with losses, due to multiple causes including non-compliance with total net sales, the considerable increase in the prices of raw materials and difficulties with fuel and energy availability.

Such a situation requires gradually reducing the number of entities with this unfavorable task, and likewise urgent improvements in physical, productive and service indicators, profits and gross value added, which do not reach the projections made; while retail trade circulation and tax collection do exceed what was agreed for the current period.

The adequate liquidation of the budget at the end of the current year is also a priority, to which is added the attention to the more than 300 micro, small and medium-sized companies and the around 39 thousand self-employed workers, and the necessary interrelation of those new actors with the state sector.

The monitoring of the investment processes, with the execution to date of more than three thousand 182 million pesos; and the promotion of exports, which although only 71% are met show growth in relation to the previous calendar, are also economic goals for the province of Camagüey. (Juan Mendoza Medina/ Radio Cadena Agramonte) (Photo: Internet/ Taken from La Jiribilla)

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