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May the children of Cuba, wherever they are, feel part of the Homeland

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, November 30.- The Homeland is the Homeland. This was heard recently in Cuba, during the IV Conference on The Nation and Emigration, held during the month of November in Havana.

The idea means that there is no geographical distance or circumstance that cuts the cord of love and memory by which a true child is united to his native land.

Such certainty set the tone for the meeting that took place this Thursday afternoon between President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez and representatives of the community of Cubans residing in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Those who came to the venue where they were able to exchange with the Head of State, heard this statement from the Cuban President: “We are willing to talk with you about any topic.” The president stressed that “there are no taboos” if it comes to unity and strengthening ties between all Cubans who love their motherland, wherever they are.

In a day that provided the opportunity to share ideas and emotions, it was learned that the majority of Cubans residing in the UAE live in Dubai, and that about 20 years ago this human group was very small in the Arab country.

In the first moments of the dialogue, Díaz-Canel Bermúdez wanted to know “how the Cubans are doing here in Dubai.” The question came in tune with the performance of a large family that has been growing in recent years in Emirati land, and within which there are teachers, engineers, artists, doctors... There are more than 500 Cubans registered in the consulate of the Arab country, and each one has a story to tell and a dream to raise.

Before the president, more than one Cuban spoke about how she chose to build happiness with a man from the Arab world. They, however, never lost the link with their homeland; and this Thursday they thanked the Cuban embassy on Emirati soil, because that entity has made them feel as if they had a little piece of the Caribbean land within their reach.

It was inevitable that the Cuban President asked if, among those present, there were anyone with family or loved ones in the Gaza Strip. Someone thanked the dignitary for the support of the Cuban people to the Palestinian people; and Díaz-Canel recalled that in “past days we had a meeting with Palestinian students, the stories were heartbreaking,” and that marches have been held throughout the country to condemn the genocide that Israel is committing.

I feel like family and I feel supported,” confessed a Cuban professional, who has not lacked the attention of the Cuban embassy in this friendly country where she casts her lot.

Díaz-Canel thanked those present for having come to the meeting despite the fact that night time is one of the times in which Cubans, in the United Arab Emirates, are usually engaged in some work.

And then he explained that “what we are doing is something that we have already incorporated as a permanent practice in all work visits” that are made to different latitudes.

Whenever we go to a country we meet with the Cuban community abroad,” stated the president, who reflected that these meetings have a lot to do “with the policy that we have been developing, giving continuity to the dialogues that the Commander opened. in Chief and to which Army General Raúl gave continuity, with the Cubans residing abroad.”

The Head of State expressed how - in an “exciting, coherent and very constructive” way - it was possible to see, during the IV Conference held in Havana, that it will now be necessary to change the name of the event: not to talk about emigration but rather about Cubans. residents abroad, with whom no prejudice should be had.

The First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party affirmed that the leadership of the Caribbean country is willing to work together with all those who "feel Cuban, who do not want to break ties with their Homeland." And he shared his opinion that “in recent years a group of important actions have been carried out to continue consolidating the dialogue between Cubans living abroad with Cubans who are in Cuba.”

The new Constitution of the Republic, approved in 2019, or the recently approved Family Code were brought up by the dignitary, who mentioned them as an example of regulatory bodies in which the opinion of those who live outside Cuba has taken into account. but they feel like children of that Cuba, wherever they live.

To his interlocutors, Díaz-Canel explained the essential motivations for the official working visit that a delegation arrived from the Greater Antilles, and headed by him, is making to the UAE at this time.

Discussing the challenges of climate change at the COP28 held in the city of Dubai, representing Cuba and the countries of the South, were purposes brought up by the Head of State, who also spoke about the “excellent official conversation” held by him with the dignitary of the host country.

Regarding the latter, President Díaz-Canel appreciated that His Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, president of the United Arab Emirates and Emir of Abu Dhabi, “was very sensitive towards Cuba, understanding our situation and with a tremendous willingness to increase economic-commercial relations at the same level as we have political-diplomatic relations - which are very strong relations. And we have managed to advance a whole group of instruments that, from a regulatory point of view, become important mechanisms to develop economic and social cooperation.”

To those who listened attentively, the Head of State shared in another moment of the exchange his wish that Cubans who are in other parts of the planet and who have not forgotten their Cuba, feel that security, that will that everything can be discussed without prejudice that threatens unity. He recalled José Martí's with everyone and for the good of all, and that the only essential premise is the decision to always defend the Homeland.

There are plenty of examples of solidarity and love from those who live in other latitudes, especially in these difficult times when Cuba continues to overcome so many adversities that hit it. Díaz-Canel Bermúdez also spoke about this topic, for whom it was inevitable to evoke the moments of COVID-19, the epic of the scientists who saved a town with their own vaccines, and the hands that helped with syringes from other places.

With those links, with that permanent vision of our essences, of our roots, we will continue to advance in this relationship; and that is what we ask of you: to continue getting closer,” said the president, who did not overlook “all the support that our embassies and consulates have to give to the procedures of Cubans residing abroad.”

To the representatives of the community residing in the UAE, Díaz-Canel spoke about the necessary trust of which they must be recipients, "so that they feel part of the Homeland." (Text and photo: Cuban Presidency website)

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