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Morales Ojeda acknowledges Camagüey's work to materialize development objectives (+ Audio)

Camagüey, 1st. Dec. - This province is working, with the participation of the people and the authorities, on the recovery of key sectors of the economy so that this translates into greater well-being for the people of Camagüey, especially with regard to the agricultural-food sector.

This was confirmed by the member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Cuba and Secretary of Organization of the Central Committee, Roberto Morales Ojeda, during his two-day tour of five municipalities in Camagüey, at the end of which he offered statements to the press.

He clarified that the objective of the visit was to verify what is being carried out regarding the implementation of the economic-social and environmental Strategy and “the assurance that the Party must give, above all, to food production.”

He said that although “there is a long way to go given the number of areas that still remain to be cleaned, prepared and planted,” an encouraging panorama is beginning to emerge.

It is really confirmed in the farms visited that make up the green belt around the city, and in what we have been able to see in Sierra de Cubitas, in Vertientes, that there is work that guarantees what is done to recover what At the time it was achieved from the point of view of food for the population,” and we have to consolidate that, he said.

He praised the examples of the use of science, through agroecology, to obtain good results, and referred to livestock farming “which unfortunately in the province deteriorated significantly and there is an entire rescue program aimed at its recovery.”

He alluded to the rescue of the Tínima organoponic, with more than 1,200 stonemasons, “with the participation of all the organizations and institutions of Camagüey.

And an important purpose, in addition to increasing production volumes, is that they also have an impact on prices. I believe that our population, with all possible objectivity, questions the need for food to reach the markets, fresh and with quality, but also with prices that can really be affordable with respect to the salaries that are received today.”

The sugarcane revitalization constitutes another priority for Camagüey, which will take three plants to the harvest, and in one of them, Siboney, Morales Ojeda confirmed the preparations, with "the commitment to be able to fulfill it (...) to begin to recover the results of the sector.”

It is important to pay full attention to the planting of cane, to the cultural attention to cane, because to the same extent that we have more cane, then we will have more sugar, we will have more derivatives, call it honey, alcohol and also the generation of electricity."

Later in his words to the press he acknowledged that “there is a spirit of significant work in all the cadres and groups that we have visited, which gives us confidence that Camagüey has implemented its economic-social, political and ideological Strategy, which responds to the implementation of the agreements emanating from the VIII Congress of the Party.”

The above “has to translate into more food, more affordable prices, more cane, more production of sugar and each of the derivatives; and of course, all this will have an impact on the rest of the economic areas of the province.”

He assured that in the groups in which he spoke, optimism prevails, confidence that we will get out of the current situation, in which "the main obstacle is the blockade, but an example of overcoming it is what the people of Camagüey are doing."

Like all of Cuba, the children of Ignacio Agramonte will celebrate the six and a half decades of the triumph of the Revolution, a source of inspiration to undertake new economic, productive, service and cultural, recreational, sporting, and remembrance and tribute goals. homeland history.

He commented that the program proposed by the province to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the triumph of the Revolution is a sign that in the current difficult circumstances the territory does not stop, “and in 510, on February 2, 2024, I am convinced that will also be able to achieve superior results in the economic, social and also political and ideological spheres of Camagüey.

The member of the Political Bureau developed an intense work program in Camagüey, accompanied by Federico Hernández Hernández, member of the Central Committee and first secretary in the province; Governor Jorge Enrique Sutil Sarabia; and other authorities.

His exchanges with groups from the municipalities of Sibanicú, Camagüey, Sierra de Cubitas, Vertientes and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes allowed him to recognize the work of Camagüey in correspondence with the priorities of the highest leadership of the country. (Text and photo: Juan Mendoza Medina/ Radio Cadena Agramonte) (Profile in X @DrRobertoMOjeda)

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