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New president of the National Nominations Commission takes office (+ Photo)

Havana, February 12.- Leobanys Ávila Góngora, representative of the Cuban Workers' Central (CTC in Spanish), today assumed the presidency of the National Candidature Commission, as established by the Electoral Law.

Ávila Góngora declared to the press that this position represents a high responsibility, especially due to the work carried out in recent years by Consuelo Baeza Martín, outgoing president.

He noted that the commission will concentrate its work on improving its operation in terms of training the new membership, made up of student and mass organizations, for the upcoming electoral processes.

It is vitally important to publicize the role of the commission and the collaboration with the National Electoral Council (CEN in Spanish), he considered, to strengthen the principle of democracy from municipal elections to higher seats such as the election of deputies to the National Assembly of People's Power (Parliament)

The outgoing president, Consuelo Baeza Martín, declared to the Cuban News Agency that assuming this responsibility since 2019 constituted an extraordinary opportunity if we talk about a sense of justice.

Our law is very explicit when it comes to democracy, although many insist on overshadowing its essence, because I have participated in several electoral processes that have allowed me to verify it, she said.

I have combined my life as a union leader for 38 years with accompanying those peak moments for the legality and legitimacy of the Revolution, said Baeza Martín.

Alina Balseiro Gutiérrez, president of the CEN, stated that the new presidency of the National Candidature Commission responds to the interests of the organizations that are represented therein.

She stressed that this structure carries out a notable activity in any electoral process and has the responsibility of preparing the candidacies of the cadres that make up Parliament and also the Council of State.

Balseiro Gutiérrez highlighted the results of the president who ceased her duties this Monday, who influenced the results of five election processes from 2019 to 2023.

At the inauguration ceremony, it was also announced that Nayda Elisa Díaz Ruiz, for the CTC, and Reinier Sarduy López, for the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution, will be part of the structure.

The National Nominations Commission is responsible for preparing and presenting proposals for pre-candidates for deputies to the National Assembly, as well as the nomination and election of the president, vice president and secretary of that legislative body. (ACN) (Photo: Radio Majaguabo)

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