Camagüey, Cuba, Base Business Unit Equipment and Parts Sales Division

Camagüey company selected as the best in Cuba




Camagüey, February 13.- Due to its comprehensive results, the Base Business Unit of the Equipment and Parts Sales Division (DIVEP) was selected as the best of its type in the country in 2023.

The group, led by Mr. Walfredo Yordi Manso, achieved total sales at the end of December of more than 151 million pesos, 32 percent above the plan.

The success was possible due to the actions carried out by the men and women of the unit, both in managing the different products and in taking them to the different entities for acquisition.

Among the diverse offers they sell are tires, batteries and parts; along with other goods such as a floor blanket, detergent, shoes, rubber boots and pens, with good acceptance.

Likewise, last year the DIVEP Base Business Unit in Camagüey exported charcoal and bronze ingots, resources that contributed more than five million pesos. (Text and photos: Radio Camagüey)

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