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Camagüey and an active Nicolás Guillén Foundation


Camagüey, February 13.- The Nicolás Guillén Foundation in the province hosts various activities every week aimed at promoting the work of the National Poet of Cuba and encouraging artistic creation.

For the coming days, the meeting El cuero y el bocabajo will take place on Thursday the 15th at four in the afternoon; and at five Nuestro Feeling will arrive, led by Verónica Fernández, vice president of the Foundation, who will be accompanied by Simón Roberto and José Fáez.

At the end of the week, on Friday the 16th, the public will be able to enjoy the activities El Diario Social de Guillén, starting at three in the afternoon; then Prosa de prisa and at the end of the day Raíz africana.

Located on Hermanos Agüero street, corner of Príncipe, the property occupied by the Nicolás Guillén Foundation is the setting for several cultural events, beyond the clubs and weekly activities included in its programming. (Text and photo: Radio Camagüey)

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