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American farmers for greater ties with Cuba

Havana, February 22.- Agricultural secretaries of several North American states and producers, led by the National Association of United States Departments of Agriculture (NASDA, for its acronym in English), reaffirmed that excellent commercial ties can be developed between their country and Cuba, especially in the agricultural sector.

At a press conference in this capital, the members of that delegation thanked the attention received by the local authorities, and in particular highlighted the meeting they had with Miguel Díaz-Canel, First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and President of the Republic.

They recognized how much their government's economic, commercial and financial blockade impacts the lives of the Cuban people, by depriving them of food that could be sent from the United States, and in turn benefiting from the exports of a group of items from the Island.

In response to questions from the national and foreign press, Ted A. MCKinney, president of NASDA, and the secretaries of Agriculture of some North American states described as useful and beneficial the contacts with their peers, the visits to institutions and production bases, and the information received. on the problems and challenges of agriculture in the largest of the Antilles.

They said they were interested not only in exporting to the Cuban market but in strengthening commercial relations, having greater exchange that really contributes to achieving the sovereignty and food security that the government of the Antillean nation seeks.

They stressed that they also learned about the opportunities and facilities that the Caribbean country offers in terms of foreign investment, the scientific and technical potential in this sector, and the measures underway to transform it so that it provides more food for the people.

Likewise, the members of the delegation organized by NASDA showed special interest in links with the non-state sector, and separately presented the economic potential of the represented States, particularly for agricultural products, as a close and diverse market for Cuba.

MCKinney and other members of the delegation expressed leaving Havana with greater optimism and desire to do things to foster excellent ties with the Caribbean nation in the agricultural sector; hence the announcement that they will study Cuban initiatives, proposals and potential.

We are a small country, but not a negligible market; We work to ensure the food of 11 million Cubans, Díaz-Canel recently expressed to agricultural leaders and recalled that there has been a permanent dialogue between Cuba and American farmers and delegations from that sector are frequently received on the Island.

This is the first time that NASDA organizes a delegation to visit Havana. (ACN) (Photo: Taken from the Internet)

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