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Safety and fire protection week continues in Cuba

Havana, May 15.- Maritime education centers host today the main actions of the National Day of the Security and Protection System against Fires, Physics and Nauticals.

Specialists from the General Directorate of Border Guard Troops are in charge of organizing meetings and exchanges on nautical safety at their respective campuses.

Activities of this type will continue until tomorrow, in accordance with the general program of the campaign that will conclude next Sunday.

This Thursday there will be an evaluation regarding the physical, nautical and fire safety and protection system in the Central State Administration Organizations and Higher Business Management Organizations during 2023 and the first quarter of 2024.

Tributes to those who fell in the line of duty are planned for Saturday, the first of which will be at the Isasí Hardware Store, on Lamparilla and Mercaderes streets, current municipality of Old Havana, on the occasion of the 134th anniversary of the catastrophe that occurred in its warehouse on May 17, 1890.

A voracious fire broke out that day in the establishment, whose owner had not declared the illegal existence of explosive material in its warehouses, and when the flames became uncontrollable, it arrived with its devastating load to cause the explosion, which caused the death of thirty of people.

Most of them were firefighters from the Central Commerce Headquarters and the Municipality.

Also this Saturday there will be a pilgrimage at the Colón cemetery, at the Firefighters' Pantheon, in honor of Néstor Aranguren Martínez, Cuban patriot. who at just 14 years old worked in the construction of the Albear Aqueduct and was a member of the Fire Department that succumbed to the fire at the Isasi Hardware Store.

The award ceremony for the national Soy Volunteer Firefighter contest will be that same day at the museum of its combatants in Old Havana.

The central closing ceremony of the National Day of the Security and Protection System against Fires, Physical and Nautical will be on Sunday, May 19 at the Comandante Pedro Sotto Alba Factory, operated by the mixed company Moa Nickel SA, in the mining-metallurgy municipality Moa, province of Holguín.

The crusade in question takes place from May 13 to 19, with the essential objective of promoting preventive habits that contribute to reducing crime, corruption, social indiscipline, and the risks of fires, security incidents, maritime emergencies and others. (ACN) (Photo: PL)

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