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ERTA in Camagüey: commitment to road safety and technical efficiency


Camagüey, June 11 - The team of the Automobile Technical Inspection Company (ERTA) in Camagüey is dedicated to the technical diagnosis of vehicles, covering both the state and private sectors.

This work is essential to ensure the optimal functioning of automobiles and, therefore, greater road safety.

In view of the country's energy deficit, the Camagüey plant operates without interruptions and with extended working hours.

According to Juan Sánchez Recio, the unit's supervisor, approximately 60 vehicles are inspected daily, with the capacity to service up to 100 units.

The center is equipped with cutting-edge technology, which facilitates an accurate diagnosis of the condition of the vehicles. To undergo the technical review, users have the option to attend personally, contact by phone or use the digital platforms.

ERTA also offers inspections to vehicles assembled with various parts and pieces. From the sixth to the fifteenth of this month, this service is provided free of charge, Sánchez Recio emphasizes. After this date, these vehicles will continue to be inspected to verify their condition.

A meticulous inspection of vehicles significantly reduces the risk of accidents caused by technical failures, thus contributing to safety on streets and highways. (Gleibis Gómez Durvas/Radio Cadena Agramonte) (Photo: Internet)

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