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Camagüey works for greater city tourism development

Camagüey, July 9 - The Ministry of Tourism in the province has drawn up several work projections in order to achieve a greater development of this front in the City of the Tinajones.

Until the year 2030, an increase of around 260 rooms in the Habana, Rancho Luna Mixto Barceló, La Gran Vía and El Legendario hotels is projected in the capital of Camagüey.

A multidisciplinary team was created to diagnose the attractions that can be selected in the short term to become tourist offers, where 17 proposals were chosen for review.

Work was carried out with 111 productive forms such as cooperatives, micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, Local Development Projects and some 178 independent producers for the supply of agricultural inputs.

A tourist operation is being negotiated with the Canadian hotel chain Blue Diamond, which plans to manage several hotels of the Cubanacán Group in the Santa Lucía beach resort, with the prospect of expanding to the city of Santa Lucía.

If this operation is successful, foreign tourists' occupancy levels in the country would increase, since the hotel group already has several facilities under its management in different regions of Cuba. (Radio Camagüey) (Photo: Internet)

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