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Cuban university included in Central American University Council

Ciego de Avila, July 9 - The inclusion of the Máximo Gómez University as an observer member of the Central American Higher University Council enhances Monday the academic and scientific work of the center of higher studies in this Cuban province. Belonging to this organization, venued in Guatemala, favors the development of scientific, technological and humanistic knowledge, and its application in the training of professionals capable of making decisions and influencing the sustainable development of the region.

The University of Ciego de Avila, UNICA, maintains cooperative relations with important academic institutions in several countries aimed at raising the scientific quality of students and professors. The director of International Relations of the center, Oruam Cadex Marichal, explained that they have relations with some 30 nations in the world, with which they have 50 active agreements.

He pointed out that these agreements make it possible to exchange experiences and knowledge among educators from different centers of higher learning, through academic and research networks.

Founded in 1978, UNICA has signed some 300 international agreements with educational centers in Europe and Latin America, with the premise of increasing the academic and scientific effectiveness of the university community, to strengthen the development of society. (Text and photo: Prensa Latina)

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