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Camagüey in San Juan

After a year of waiting, theCamagüey´s San Juan is here again. For some days the peal of the drums cheers the nights as announcement up to what it will be this new edition of one of the local traditions of major popular rooting, and that as such, from 12 a.m. of June 24 it brings occupied to the born in this soft region of shepherds and hats.

And the fact is that San Juan is the only opportunity to enjoy the incomparable rhythm of the conga and the Camagüey´scomparsas, and of course, the parties in streets and squares, although the biggest attraction keeps on being the parade.

San Juan dates of the 18th century, and it was one of so many people customs that the Spanish brought to this beautiful island when they colonized it. However, since the authenticity has always been a beginning for the Cuban, the Creoles were not late very much in adapting the celebration to their reality and idiosyncrasy.

This way, what magician began like a religious ceremony, to give more force to the Sun before the summer arrival, it ended up by being a carnival celebration, which it tries to support live through our traditions. (Digital drafting) (Photos: Rachel García Aguilera)

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