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Educatioproduces boosts agriculture in Camagüey

In Camagüey, the Education sector has given a boost to the institutions of the branch that can contribute to supply food for schools and other centers.

From the grooves of the center, it is already possible to verify the progress in the important social object that they must fulfill, where seasoned and expert hands have the main responsibility for maintaining the cultivation areas, but the sense of belonging of those who work there, means that Often they all direct their efforts towards the earth.

Similarly, the strategy is extended to the municipal level.

In this way, the educational sector of Camagüey contributes to the vital production of food, a task in which each person and each piece of land matters. ( Elianis Cutiño López / Digital Newsroom of Radio Cadena Agramonte ) (Photos: Humberto Cid González) 

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