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At the height of 1959, with the resources and methods of that time, to make more than 700 thousand people literate, who as a consequence of the policies and politicians lived in total ignorance, seemed an impossible feat. However, Cuba did it ... the Revolution did it. Just two years and 11 months after the triumph of January 1, Fidel announced to the world the news that the largest of the Antilles was the first territory in Latin America free of illiteracy.

Thousands of adolescents and young people came to the most intricate communities to bring light, knowledge and hope to those who until then had been the most disadvantaged. Theirs was a true feat; it was, above all, an act of faith in the Revolution. In recognition, December 22, the date that marked the end of the successful Literacy Campaign, was instituted in Cuba as Educator's Day.

Today, the times are different, but the mission remains the same: to make this an educated, cultured, and wise people. The quality of the many professionals trained in the heat of the Revolution confirms this; It is also confirmed by each one of the teachers that today, without the circumstances and rewards being the most suitable, are still there, in front of a classroom, distributing knowledge and love. (RCA digital writing) (Photos: Humberto Cid González) 

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