Leopard, India

Leopard rescued from 50-foot-deep well in India

Wildlife rescuers in India lowered a metal crate into a 50-foot-deep well to rescue a leopard that had fallen into the hole and was in danger of drowning.

Rescue group Wildlife SOS said personnel responded alongside officials with the Maharashtra Forest Department after a farmer in the village of Alkuti, Maharashtra, found the leopard struggling to keep its head above the water at the bottom of the well.

Forest department officials lowered a metal crate into the well before Wildlife SOS arrived so the leopard would be safe from drowning while a rescue plan was formulated.

Wildlife SOS personnel arrived on the scene and lowered a trap cage into the well. The leopard, estimated to be about 7 years old, jumped into the cage and was lifted out of the well.

"After ensuring the feline had sustained no injuries, he was released back in the wild," Wildlife SOS said in a Facebook post.

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